Data should be useful right out of the box. Download. Query. Done.
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We have been in your shoes. We know what you need. We have no idea why other data services companies make this so difficult.

Our team knows how much work it takes to make data useful. Why? We have spent the last 10 years cleaning up garbage data to build advanced machine learning models and run analytics dashboards.

We have seen companies pay for data. Then pay to reformat the data to work with their systems. Then pay to clean up and aggregate the data so it is useful. At the end of all that work, a 300 million record dataset has 45 to 60 million useful records.

What do we deliver? You specify the format you need to get up and running immediately. Which fields to include and remove. Aggregating or normalizing fields. The file type and delivery method.

For businesses that wants the raw data, where would you like us to upload it?

Marketing Data

Datasets for targeted B2B marketing. Small and Mid-Sized Business contacts. Hard to find senior executive contacts.

HR and Recruiting Data

Data for organizational evaluation, reskilling, and targeted hiring. Built, cleaned, and aggregated to your specifications.

Custom Dataset Creation

Sourcing, aggregation, cleaning, and initial data analysis for complex or hard to find datasets.

Data Products

Ready Out of the Box for Even the Most Complex Use Cases.

PPP Loan Marketing Dataset

360K Companies with Contacts Who are Looking for Products and Services for Their New Normal.

1.7 Million Companies Marketing Dataset

One of the Largest Datasets of Small and Mid-Sized Businesses with Contacts. Data for Targeted Marketing.

Cleaned, Targeted Marketing Data

Pre-Analyzed, Formatted, and Ready to Use Based on Your Specifications. Download. Query. Done.

HR and Recruiting Data

Career and Reskilling Paths. Jobs and Associated Skills. Candidate Job Classification and Contact Information. Normalized Labels for Classification.

HR and Recruiting Models and Analysis Services

Customized Prescriptive Analytics Dashboard Creation

Predictive Contacts

Contact Information for Unlisted Senior Executives and Business Owners. Segmented by Industry, Job Focus, or Select Companies.

Custom Datasets

Sourcing Made Simple. Curated for Ease of Use.

Data Curated By An Industry Veteran

25 years in technology and 10 in Machine Learning. Recognized as one of the top 10 Machine Learning experts for the last 5 years.

Vin Vashishta

Chief Data Scientist

Our team has built datasets for the most complex models in the business world. Our data products are guided by that experience. We understand the next steps so we design the data to be ready, right out of the box.

Ready to get started?

Contact us with questions about prebuilt or custom datasets. You can find additional services at V2DS and check out our blog for more insights.

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